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Company                                                                        Benefits of

            Overview                                                                       Marine Shipping

                                                                                           Increased Transport Efficiencies         SHIPS  RAIL  TRUCKS
            Doornekamp Lines is Eastern Ontario’s newest
            mode of transportation. We move product by marine
            shipping and serve importers and exporters in Ontario
            with future plans to service the North East and Mid-                           1               946                301
            West United States through short sea shipping to US
            Great Lakes destinations.                                                      Most environmentally friendly   Reduced Transportation Costs
                                                                                           mode of transportation
            We are dedicated to creating new opportunities for regional consumers and      Distance (km) 1 metric ton of cargo travels
            ultimately supporting Canadian consumers by increasing transport efficiencies,   on 1 litre of fuel.
            improving road safety and offering a more environmentally responsible option for   243
            both domestic and international trade.                                         35
            Doornekamp Lines offers an alternative transportation mode that facilitates
            diversification in the logistics chain.
                                                                                           Reduced Green House Gas       Diverse Container Options
                                                                                           Emissions                     20s, 40s, 53s, reefers, break bulk cargo
                                                                                           CO2 grams per metric ton/km
                                                                                           14.2                           40
                                                                                                                          53              Reefer

                                                                                           No Congestion                 Competitive Rates

                                                                                           The new alternative to rail and truck from the East
                                                                                           Coast to the Ontario Market (Eastern Ontario population
                                                                                           Metropolitan TO–Quebec Border).
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